Green Frog Productions

Green Frog Productions has been producing videos and audio recordings for railfans and modelers since 1983. We are a full production facility in our own suite of offices in Douglasville, Georgia. There are full time employees and part timers. We do our own field production, editing, duplication, and shipping. A good number of our videos have been made from 16mm & 8mm film that was shot by railfans & proffessionals beginning in the 1920's and continuing through the '70's. Modern action is shot on professional equipment and edited with computers using the latest technology.
The East Broad Top RR-Emery Gulash 16mm Film
118 Minutes by Green Frog Productions
The EBT is one of the very few places in North America where one has been able to see steam powered action AND railroad history virtually untouched by time.
Erie Lackawanna Railroad
128 Minutes by Green Frog Productions
You will see the very beginning of the merger paint schemes, coupled with the variety of locomotive equipment garnered from the two roads. Our journey begins with 1962 early generation diesels and post merger paint schemes.
The Pennsylvania Railroad
Beginning in the summer of 1952, Emery Gulash began capturing prolific amounts of activity on this well known railroad. Emery did not realize that in a few years the railroad would merge with the New York Central and be called the Penn Central.
Michigan Fast Freight
Follow Emery Gulash and his 16mm Bolex camera's as he records in beautiful 16mm color Film. 1967 action on C&O, DT&I, Pennsy, Santa Fe, N&W, New York Central, Grand Trunk, and DT&SL in Michigan...
Chicago Odyssey Volume-1
131 Minutes by Green Frog Productions
Where else in the U.S. can one find so much railroad action but in Chicago...especially in the 1950's and 60's!
Chicago Odyssey Volume-2
148 Minutes by Green Frog Productions
Volume 2 takes over where Volume 1 left off, in early 1962. In this fantastic two part set, we will see the end of individualized passenger service, and the beginnings of Amtrak.
The California Zephyr-1960s
From the camera of noted Rail photographer Emery Gulash comes the most awesome experience: a complete trip on the California Zephyr in 1965!
Detroit Passenger Trains-60s & 70s
Emery Gulash shot these action scenes of passenger trains in and around Motor City, more than a half dozen major railroads served the area.
Colorado Narrow Gauge Passenger Chase
In 1965, the last of the Rocky Mountain Railroad Club's tours of the Rio Grande narrow gauge took place. The club arranged for a passenger train trip from Alamosa to Silverton, on the Northern end.
CSX-0 Magnolia Cut Off
During the fall of 1992 Steve Neff toured the B&O Magnolia Cutoff was located on the former Cumberland Division East End (now CSX's Baltimore Division/East).
CSX-1 Atlanta to Chattanooga
Fast paced action between Atlanta and Chattanooga that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Train meets, branch line operation, yard activity, 'Hot Shots', Wide Cabs, Inter modal's Pig Trains.
CSX-2 Chattanooga to Nashville
Spectacular scenery, mountain railroading, pusher service, spectacular bridges, rivers...all the things that make railroading enjoy-able to watch...this is what you'll find on Volume 2 of our CSX series.
CSX-3 Nashville to Louisville
Volume 3 takes you through the rolling hills and mountains of Tennessee and Kentucky with spectacular, fast paced action. Besides tremendous action along the CSX main, you'll also visit two ex-L&N branch lines.
CSX-4 Louisville to Cincinnati
Volume 4 of our CSX series is filled with beautiful Appalachian scenery, as photographed in fall colors.
CSX-5 Evansville to Chicago
Volume 5 covers action between Evansville, Indiana and Chicago, ILL.
CSX-6 Pittsburg to Willard Ohio
Follow over 200 miles of track through beautiful fall scenery on this journey from Pittsburgh to Willard, Ohio.
CSX-7 Jacksonville to Plant City Florida
Green Frog takes you on a tour of the exciting, and frequent train operations between two major cities in Florida. Jacksonville to Plant City.
CSX-8 Baltimore service lane-Cumberland Business
This video takes you on the Baltimore Service Lane, and the Cumberland Business Unit.
CSX-9 Willard to Deshler Ohio
CSX in the Mid-west. Volume 9 takes us between Willard, Ohio and Deshler, Ohio...One of the busiest mainlines on CSX. This video is a great follow-up to our last production which covers action between Cumberland and Hyndman.
CSX-10 Augusta to Spartanburg
Travel with Green Frog's cameras along two sub-divisions of CSX's very hilly regions between Augusta, Georgia and Spartanburg, South Carolina.
CSX-11 Greenwood to Atlanta
This video picks up at Greenwood, South Carolina, briefly featured on our very popular CSX 10 video, and covers the line all the way to Atlanta.
CSX-12 Pennslvania & Western Maryland
From the professional digital camera of Rich Scheid. In CSX 12 Pennsylvania & Western Maryland Fall Spectacular - you will see beautiful Fall color action from Cumberland to Harpers Ferry.
CSX-13 Big Sandy Subdivision
Join Green Frog through the professional digital camera of Rich Scheid as we visit CSX's Eastern Kentucky coal country. We'll travel up the branches to the coal mines where we'll see coal being loaded.
CSX-14 Selkirk New York
Videographer Rich Kugel takes us on a spectacular tour of the former New York Central lines that serve Albany, New York. The hub of CSX operations is the sprawling Selkirk Yard, located just south of Albany.
CSX-15 Clinchfield Autumn Spectacular
Go deep into the valleys of eastern Kentucky, western Virginia, and eastern Tennessee as Rich Scheid and the Green Frog cameras follow the Kingsport line of CSX--formerly the Clinchfield Railroad.
New York Central Odyssey Vol-1
142 Minutes by Green Frog Productions
Most of this Odyssey is from film generated in Detroit and the adjacent vicinity. Next Emery's interest trickled down to Ohio, predominately Toledo, which is on the Central's MAIN main line.
New York Central Odyssey Vol-2
169 Minutes by Green Frog Productions
Continuation of NYC Volume-1 starting in the summer of 1963. The transition to the Cigar Band Herald is quite evident. New jumbo Hi-Cube cars appear (for the auto industry) as well as piggyback service with highway trailers on flat cars.
Penn Central Volume 1
165 Minutes by Green Frog Productions
Penn Central Volume 1-Pt1 Starts prior to the merger of the Pennsylvania Railroad and New York Central System, with scenes near Valparaiso, Indiana and Wayne, Michigan.
Penn Central Volume 2
Action in this program covers the years 1971 and 1972. We’ll visit Chicago, Ohio and Michigan, including Detroit, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Niles, Toledo, Jackson, Carleton, and back to Chicago.
Penn Central Volume 3
Things were a little different on the Penn Central. By mid 1971, nearly all the locomotives of the predecessor Pennsylvania and New York Central railroads had been repainted into somber dark Brunswick green.
Penn Central Volume 4
Hope springs eternal as the snowbanks melt every spring. There was not much hope on the Penn Central, deeply mired in a bottomless financial quagmire in the spring of 1973.
Penn Central Volume 5
The future of the PC and a number of other bankrupt railroads in the Northeast was placed in the hands of a government agency, the United States Railway Association.
Penn Central Volume 6
Conrail absorbed the Penn Central and six other railroads in the Northeast on April 1, 1976, many locomotives continued to ply the rails in Brunswick Green paint, or in the paint schemes of the Erie Lackawanna, Reading, Lehigh Valley, or other roads.
Rio Grande Southern-D&RGW
Jack Alexander and Vince Ryan traveled throughout Colorado in the early 1950's that included shooting color film of the Denver & Rio Grande Western narrow gauge and the Rio Grande Southern when those railroads were still in business.
The Rio Grande Odyssey
Camera of Emery Gulash, Spectacular action on one of America's best loved railroads...The Rio Grande. Filmed in the 1960's, 70's and early 80's.
The Santa Fe Odyssey-volume-1
127 Minutes by Green Frog Productions
Emery captured enough 16mm color film to produce an incredible chronology of the Santa Fe covering a period of almost 30 years! From 1952 until 1980, Emery shot the Santa Fe from Chicago to the west
The Santa Fe Odyssey Volume-2
103 Minutes by Green Frog Productions
Filmed in the late 1970's, Emery Gulash captured the transition of the Santa Fe as it aligned itself for the 80's and 90's.
NORFOLK SOUTHERN VOLUME 1-Atlanta to Chattanooga
Norfolk Southern’s Georgia Division 148 Mainline from Atlanta to Chattanooga is one of the south’s busiest, yet it remains unknown to most railfans.
Follow the Frog camera's as they track down the Norfolk Southern.This video covers the action between Debutts Yard in Chattanooga to the crew change point at Oakdale.
The fast-paced action continues as Green Frog’s cameras take you deeper into Norfolk Southern’s throbbing Rathole line from Oakdale, Tennessee, to Somerset, Kentucky.
Visit the coal mountains of West Virginia with Green Frog photographer Rich Scheid, beginning in Blue Field West Virginia and working north through Mayberry, Switch Back plus many other locations.
We continue our visit through the coal mountains of West Virginia. Green Frog's professional rail photographer, Rich Scheid captures the action at Roderfield and then continues northwest through Iaeger.
The Detroit Toledo & Ironton Volume-1
Volume-1 begins with Henry Ford’s railroad in the 1920’s, and his building of the DT&I. Next the program continues with famed rail photographer Emery Gulash’s 16mm color photography of the railroad in the 1960’s.
The Detroit Toledo & Ironton Volume-2
Volume-2 takes over where Volume-1 left off, and follows the railroad after the merger with the Grand Trunk in late 1983.
CN&CP Southern Ontario Volume-1
HD Camera of Rob McCormack of Canrail Video. In 2014, Rob McCormack shot this exciting railroad action in Burlington, Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Ayr and Woodstock Ontario to name a few.
Twilight of Postwar Steam Volume-1
The Pennsy's West End and its Neighbors - Gene Miller took superb 16mm movies of railroad steam action right after World War II. (75% in COLOR!.)
Twilight of Postwar Steam Volume-2
The nation's railroads were stressed nearly to the limit during World War II and then emerged from the conflict to confront nearly worn-out and aging steam locomotives and a dwindling passenger business.
Twilight of Postwar Steam Volume-3
Gene Miller got around during the 1940s and 1950s...shooting classic and irreplaceable 16mm movies near his home in the St. Louis area and farther to the north, west and east.
Twilight of Postwar Steam Volume-4
STEAM FINALE ON THE NEW YORK CENTRAL’S PUTNAM AND HARLEM DIVISIONS and the NEW YORK, ONTARIO & WESTERN (Films of Frank W. Schlegel) Trains and ferries were the way many people traveled to New York City in the pre-expressway late 1940s.
Twilight of Postwar Steam Volume-5
On the Norfolk & Western, things were different – very different. The N&W was a major railroad, operating big-time steam over its rail lines radiating out of Roanoke.
Rocky Mountain Steam Trains (A Video Spectacular)
Green Frog's professional HD camera's captured two of the most scenic railroads in the United States, the Cumbres and Toltec, and the Durango & Silverton.
St. Louis Sojourn
Historic venture to visit the St. Louis Union Station for a weekend of train chasing. To compliment the occasion, rail transport from Detroit to St. Louis was via Norfolk and Western's night train, the 'St. Louis Limited'.
Steam in the 50’s Volume 1
Jerry Carson was able to capture operations on many roads still holding on to the steam engine. In fact, there are 14 different railroads covered in this exceptional collection of steam.
Steam in the 50’s Volume 2
You will see Union Pacific Big Boys, Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range articulated, Duluth, & Northeastern as well as more steam in other parts of the country.
Steam in the 50’s Volume 3
The age of steam came to its finale in the early 1950's. Photographers Ted Carlson and Rolf Nordquist captured this end of steam at its finest.
Steam on the Northern Pacific
Follow the Northern Pacific as it displays a tremendous amount of steam in the 1940's. This original film, transferred to video and Digitally enhanced, documents many of the fine locos found operating in regular service.
Steam Shortlines of the South
A program of 15 different steam operated railroads in the south...shot in the 1950’s and early 60’s on 16mm film. All railroads in exquisite color, and fast paced operations as well! If you like steam, these southern shortlines will captivate you!
TrainTown Toronto (Early 1970s)
Travel along with us on a long-ago weekend adventure for Emery Gulash and his good friend Walt Sardinh as they railfan on the sunny side of the tracks of the Toronto Terminals Railway in the early 1970s.
Milwaukee Road Coast Division 1976 to 78
Take a Cab-Ride with Milwaukee Trainman John Crosby on Number 200, Engine 189 an SD-40, on the MILWAUKEE ROAD COAST DIVISION. Othello, 208 miles from Tacoma Washington is our goal.
The Milwaukee Road - Pacific NorthWest
This superb 16mm color footage was shot by Ted Carlson and Maynard Lange, and includes original stereo sound by Elwin Purrington. The Milwaukee Road is the main feature in this beautiful production.
Fallen Flags of the Northeast-1960s
Railroads Featured: New Haven Railroad, New York Central, Pennsylvania RR, Boston & Maine, Central Vermont, Canadian National, Canadian Pacific, Grand Trunk Western, Erie Lackawanna…
Focus on Norfolk Southern 2020 Vol-2
Green Frog spent a considerable amount of time recording trains in the Historic District of Austell, Georgia. We’ll catch a mixed freight in Austell with 2 mid-train helpers and 9 locomotives at the head end.
Focus on Norfolk Southern 2020 Vol-3
We’ll see a variety of trains and locomotives including KCS, UP, BNSF, Amtrak, and a Wabash Heritage Unit at the Dalton Freight Depot.
Focus on Norfolk Southern 2020 Vol-4
117 Minutes by Green Frog Productions
We’ll railfan in some familiar locations and catch a variety of trains and locomotives including Norfolk Southern, KCS, UP, BNSF, Amtrak, and catch the Illinois Terminal and Erie Heritage Units.
Focus on Norfolk Southern 2020 Vol-5
128 Minutes by Green Frog Productions
We mainly focus on recording trains in Austell Georgia, including Norfolk Southern, KCS, UP, BNSF, and Amtrak Crescent #19 & 20...we also cross paths with Heritage units - Virginian, Pennsylvania, Bee Line/Reading and Southern!
Focus on Norfolk Southern 2020 Vol-1
We Visit Dalton, GA. and spend an evening at the Dalton Freight Depot. We’ll travel west to locations starting in Austell, Powder Springs, Hiram and across the border to Alabama where we’ll visit scenes in Irondale (Norris Yard)
Twilight of the New Haven RR (Electrics)
Best known for its nearly incomparable fleet of passenger trains connecting Boston and New York, two hundred thirty miles apart, the New Haven also ran commuter and local trains and an extensive freight operation.
Railfanning Norfolk Southern West GA
Railfanning around West Georgia in the late Summer & Fall of 2019. Included is a mix of freight, double stacks and auto trains. Video filmed west of Atlanta, including Cobb, Polk, Paulding and Floyd counties.
Trains In Georgia Vol-1
This compilation of Trains in Georgia covers locations around Douglasville, Georgia. (Green Frogs Hometown) Follow many trains through all 4 seasons - Pacing, Runbys, Night time viewing.
Union Pacific Odyssey Volume-1
115 Minutes by Green Frog Productions
From 1952 through 1980, Emery Gulash chased the Union Pacific through its sparkling history.
Union Pacific Odyssey Volume-2
106 Minutes by Green Frog Productions
Volume-2 covers the 60's and 70's. You will see more first generation diesels, 'City' trains, New second generation diesels, more Big Blows (turbines), Centennial locos, and DD-35's
ALL Aboard Rail Series - Amtrak's California Zephyr
Take the ride of a lifetime aboard Amtrak's California Zephyr! Starts in Chicago and winds through America's heartland...
ALL Aboard Rail Series - Florida East Coast
The Florida East Coast Railroad, a 365 mile Class 1 railroad operating exclusively in the State of Florida.
ALL Aboard Rail Series - Railroads of North America
This episode contains a selection of different railroad sites from around the United States and Canada. Godrich Exeter, Florida Northern, Florida Central, The Florida Midland, Hump Yards and More...
ALL Aboard Rail Series - Atlanta Railroads
A city "born of the railroad", Atlanta's history is traced from its beginnnings as a terminus for the state owned Western and Atlantic.
ALL Aboard Rail Series - Private Varnish
Although passenger cars have been one of the most romanticized aspects of railroading, the Private Car has always stood alone with it's opulent image.
ALL Aboard Rail Series - The Chama Turn Narrow Gauge
Step back in time to the closing days of the 3 foot narrow gauge operations of the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad.
ALL Aboard Rail Series - Steam In The 1950s Vol-1
Steam locomotives of all types from 0-6-0's to Shays and Climaxes, right up to the massive Challenger and Big Boy.
ALL Aboard Rail Series - Norfolk Southern Atlanta to Chattanooga
This route begins at Inman Yard, 6 miles Northwest of Atlanta, and runs to Chattanooga's DeButts Yard.
ALL Aboard Rail Series - Michigan Fast Freight
In 1967 Emery Gulash filmed six major railroad company freight operations serving his hometown area of Detroit, Michigan.
ALL Aboard Rail Series - Rails Chicago 1980's
Chicago, Illinois puts on a full throttle show for the viewer. During 1987 fifteen different railroads were filmed around the greater Chicago area.
ALL Aboard Rail Series - Detroit Toledo & Ironton - Vol1
The Detroit Toledo & Ironton Railroad began in 1874, Archival black & white film from the Ford Company begins this record of the DT&I's history.
ALL Aboard Rail Series - Union Pacific Super RR Vol-2
Beginning in the Powder River Coal Basin, North of Cheyenne Wyoming, experience the gigantic scale of the coal mining operations, and their seemingly endless unit coal trains.
ALL Aboard Rail Series - Rails In Transition Vol-1
See six railroads in the greater St. Louis, Missouri area in the 1960's. In this time before Amtrak took over operation of U.S. passenger trains.
ALL Aboard Rail Series - Amtrak's Empire Builder
The Great Northern's premier passenger train was known as the 'Empire Builder, this tradition is continued by Amtrak today, travel 2200 miles from Chicago to Seattle.
ALL Aboard Rail Series - Canadian Steam
the Canadian National Railroad and the Canadian Pacific Railroad were still rostering a substantial number of steam locomotives in the 1950's. See a number of these locomotives in mainline service on both railroads.
ALL Aboard Rail Series - The Pennsylvania Railroad
From 1952 to 1969 in color, Emery Gulash hilights the end of steam and the transition to first generation diesels.
ALL Aboard Rail Series - Rails to Steel City
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area in the late 1980s, see five major railroads serving the freight needs of this region, plus PAT commuter rail system.
ALL Aboard Rail Series - East Broad Top RR
Emery Gulash Filmed activities on the East Broad Top Railroad. Starts in the early 1950's well before the EBT was a tourist railroad.
ALL Aboard Rail Series - Illinois Central RR
37 years of The Illinois Central, from steam to diesel.
ALL Aboard Rail Series - Narrow Gauge Mikados
Travel along the canyons and off the beaten track of the Durango and Silverton and the Cumbres and Toltec RR's
ALL Aboard Rail Series - Narow Gauge Passenger Chase
In 1965, the last of the Rocky Mountain Railroad Club's tours of the Rio Grande narrow gauge took place. Take a passenger train trip from Alamosa to Silverton, on the Northern end.
ALL Aboard Rail Series - The Rock Island Line
Shows fast moving trains of the Rock Island from the 1950's into the 1970's. See passenger and freight trains.
ALL Aboard Rail Series - Rockets & Rails Nasa Railroad
The Air Force space complex at Cape Canaveral could not conduct its vibrant space program without its railroad to deliver rocket engines, components, fuel, and other materials.
ALL Aboard Rail Series - Santa Fe Odyssey
Chronology of the Santa Fe covering a period of almost 30 years - From 1952 until 1980. The Santa Fe from Chicago to the west.
ALL Aboard Rail Series - The 1218 Suwanee Steam
Run by the Norfolk Southern, and sponsored by the NRHS, an incredible trip from the cab, trackside and from the train! Awesome pacing shots with a gyroscopic lens. is a trademark of © 2022 Virtual Railfan, Inc. | All Rights Reserved.